Collaborative projects français

Ongoing projects

  • CloudLSVA - H2020 (2016-2018)
    Large Scale Video Analytics
  • ETS - FUI20 (2016-2018)
    Electronic Ticketing System
  • COOPOL - FUI20 (2016-2018)
    Capacité d’appui aux Opérations de secOurs et POLice - Video-protection from a drone equipped with vision sensors.
  • EmoSpaces - ITEA3 (2015-2018)
    Development of effective services around a smart IoT platform
  • VIRTUALIS - FUI15 (2014-2017)
    Global system for physical and logical security of critical infrastructures
  • P-RC2
    Platform for Robot Controller Construction
  • USEMP - EU FP7
    User Empowerment for enhanced online management
  • FluidTracks - FUI17 (2014-2017)
    Crowd management by multimodal observation for users comfort and security
  • VOIE Project
    VOIE - FUI19 (2014-2017)
    Open and integrated platform for video-protection
  • CuratedMedia Project
    CuratedMedia - FUI 16
    SaS platform for large scale web data qualification
  • NASIMA Project
    NASIMA - FUI17 (2015-2017)
    Software and Harware Platform for industrial augmented reality applications
  • SEEMAKE Project
    SEEMAKE - FUI17 (2015-2017)
    Augmented reality platform and full web 3D modules management for training and maintenance

Past projects

  • Dégiv - FUI11 (2012-2015)
    Incident detection and management in railway vehicle
  • SecurED - FP7 (2011-2014)
    Secured Urban Transportation - A European demonstration
  • ProtectRAIL - FP7 (2010-2014)
    The Railway-Industry Partnership for Integrated Security of Rail Transport
  • Web of Objects - ITEA2 (2012-2014)
    Network and services infrastructure for smart objects
  • ViCoMo - ITEA2 (2009-2012)
    Visual Context Modelling
  • Quasper Project
    Quasper R&D - FUI9 (2010-2012)
    Performance qualification of perception systems
  • Methodeo
    A methodology for evaluating vision algorithms
  • LINDO - ITEA2 (2007-2010)
    Large scale distributed INDexation of multimedia Objects
  • SIFORAS Project
    SIFORAS - FUI11 (2011-2013)
    Augmented Reality platform for "on job training"
  • DATASCALE Project
    DATASCALE - Investissements d’avenir (2013-2015)
    Develop synergies between Big Data and HPC
  • Georama Project
    GEORAMA - ANR (2008-2010)
    Geo-referenced image retrieval
  • WebContent Project
    WebContent - ANR (2005-2008)
    Semantic Web technologies

Subito Project

Automatic real time detection of abandoned luggage

EasyInteractions Project

Enhanced and personalised human-system interactivity

Polinum Project

Digitalized documents

Gyroviz Project

Automatic modeling of 3D physical scenes from located frames

Nuadu Project

Networked healthcare and wellbeing services

Love Project

Pedestrian security for automobile