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PIRIA : Content Based Image Retrieval demo
Descriptors :

PIRIA is acronym of Program for Indexing and Research Images

by Affinity. It's a content-based image search engine, this means that the content of the image (color, texture, shapes...) is analyzed to find similar images to an image query.

Several descriptors capture color, texture or shape features to create an index (or signature).

A parrallel version indexed up to 130 millions of images with 3 descriptors that generated nearly 0.5 billion of signatures under 64 elementary processors. The search takes less than 10 seconds with XediX database manager.

  Contact for PIRIA Demo  
M. Patrick Hede
Mail : patrick.hede{at}

  Images Database  
  Image data size = about 20000 from IAPR-TC 12 database.


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